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          Xuzhou grey Ann environmental protection equipment co., LTD., located in the engineering machinery city - xuzhou, jiangsu province, specializing in construction, sludge treatment equipment research and manufacturing, the company production of R series dealing with building mud slurry purification equipment (including desanding purification equipment, in addition to machine), G series mud mixed equipment and GX series box pressure filter mud dry equipment, belong to our independent development and independent innovation products with independent intellectual property rights.
          Company through continuous investment and technological innovation, audit acceptance by xuzhou city technology bureau in 2013, founded the xuzhou mud recycling equipment engineering technology research center ", is currently the only company in building construction application of mud in north jiangsu, building environmental harmless disposal of mud for technology research and production of professional institutions, with each big heavy foundation construction and equipment manufacturing enterprises, large state-owned foundation construction units: such as, zoomlion heavy industry, xugong basis coal through three houses, zhongjian DaQiaoJu, China railway DaQiaoJu, zhongjian, enterprises in the construction of the mud in the field of form a complete set of equipment, process of form a complete set emissions, environmental protection, construction and other technical requirements under the close technical cooperation and business contacts.
          At present, our products have been drilled filling pile foundation engineering, underground continuous wall, slurry shield tunnel, underground trenchless construction engineering fields such as engineering has been widely applied, can completely replace the imported equipment, which can effectively solve the construction of waste pulp processing, mud recovery and recycling as well as the environment protection and so on sludge treatment problem.

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